Thursday, September 24, 2009


We are enjoying the last vestiges of summer, ok so it's technically NOT still summer but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at the thermometer. So we had one last (maybe) trip to the water park for some fun in the sun. This is just making up for losing the entire month of June to the rain gods.

Slow it down there, kiddo. Can't you READ?!?

You'd think we live in Arizona or something. Of course, it's probably still too hot to go to the park there yet. Kris admonished me for complaining about the heat a few days ago (it can be hard sometimes in a house without AC!) He said, "Are you kidding me, you've got nine months of winter around the corner!" And I hung my head in shame, I knew he was right so I'm repenting and embracing the unseasonably warm days and savoring the warm sunshine while it lasts!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hiya Love

(celebrating our first anniversary in Sedona, AZ)

Today it's been 13 years since Kris and I were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple. In the process of cleaning out and packing I stumbled across some photos of our first anniversary and it has flooded my mind and heart with so many memories. We were oh so young (and skinny) and in love way back then. Seeing these pictures made me want to go and read some of the letters from our courtship. We had a (mostly) long distance dating relationship. We met on a blind date arranged by his aunt and Kris was only in town for Christmas. The connection was instant, love at first sight you might say, we hit it off, all those cliche terms could apply. We went out a few more times while he was in Arizona and when he left he promised to write. I still remember the anticipation of waiting for his first letter to arrive. I think we both knew where this was headed, he even alluded to getting engaged in his first letter and we had not even kissed at this point. We wrote many letters and spent many hours on the phone, much to the chagrin of my father as this was back in the day before every person on earth owned a cell phone (gasp! I'm soooo old!) We used prepaid calling cards to minimize the damage. I cherish the letters I have, actual concrete evidence of us confessing our undying love for each other. He is a beautiful writer, talented to be sure. Here's a poem he wrote for me about our wedding day.
Our life has brought many challenges, ups and downs and yet here we are thirteen years, 8 moves (almost), 5 children, countless arguments, just as many makeups, and I still feel like we are just in the beginning stages of a lifetime full of wonderful memories. Our love continues to grow, to deepen with time and experience. No, it is not the young love of thirteen years ago it is something much, much more. I love you, Honey! Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Rex is a jumper.
He finds immense joy in jumping from high places.
He finds even greater joy
when there is an audience to his jumping.
And it makes me laugh every time.

Sometimes Owen likes to get in on the action,
but usually he won't jump from as high as Rex does.

When Tara was here, he had her take a ton of action shots
while he jumped from the rocking chair arm.
She kept telling him to do different poses in the air.

We got a lot of laughs out of him on this night.

And that's what he loves best, to make people laugh.

And to jump, of course.

The arm of the couch works well also.

Now he's moved on to jumping off the kitchen counters.
What kind of mother am I?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Baptism + A Blessing = A Really Fun Weekend

Saturday was a big day for our Miss Gracie, she was baptized! This was an exciting day for her and we were so proud of her for being baptized. We were so happy that Grannie and Pops could come up for the weekend and for all the family that came out to show their support. The weather was absolutely beautiful and so was the baptism.

Gracie and her good friend Macy are just a few weeks apart so they had the wonderful opportunity of being baptized on the same day, lucky girls!

Later, we went out to lunch at Craigo's with everyone. We had lots of fun visiting and getting stuffed, even Colby!!!

The next day Dan and Michelle blessed their sweet little Mia. Grandma Owen, Aunt Judy and cousin Kathleen were able to drive up for the day. After church we went over to Dan's parents for lunch, there was tons of yummy food and good company!

Thanks everyone for coming and helping us to celebrate these wonderful events! We love you all!