Friday, June 20, 2008

Can I just say how smart it makes me feel when I can get the answer right on the final Jeopardy question. And how extra smart I feel when I get the answer right and none of the contestants gets it right. Oh yeah, this happened yesterday so I was feeling pretty good. I'm not really sure why I've been on a Jeopardy kick lately, maybe I feel like I'm learning something while I'm watching it and since my brain is pretty much half gone since having children I need all the help I can get. I'm sure that within the next two years I will pretty much not be able to help Matthew with his math homework anymore. No seriously, there were things on his homework this year (3rd grade!!!) that really made me think and I swear they have changed the terms of some things over the years so it's the same things that I learned they just call them something else just to confuse me. If you don't have school age children yet you will know what I mean when you do.

So, we had an awesome weekend last week. We went to the airshow on Saturday morning, actually we rode our bikes to the Nature Park which is pretty close to our house and right next to the airport where they do the airshow. We spread out a blanket on the grass and enjoyed the most perfect weather this year, high 70s, sun shining. I sunburned my knees and moved my farmer's tan up a couple of inches woohoo!!! It was fantastic! We watched the planes taking off and doing their tricks for a couple of hours, the kids ran and played all over the grass, it was perfect! Then we rode our bikes home and loaded up the burban and went out to eat at Big Jud's. I guess after the perfect morning we all wanted to eat the perfect burger. Unfortunately, you really have to wait for perfection and with four (well, five if you count Kris) hungry kids this can get a bit challenging at times. Luckily, Matthew had his DS with him (gasp) I know, we don't usually let him bring it anywhere public but he snuck it in and it actually was the saving grace that day. He played while Owen watched and we really only had to corral Rex for the hour and a half that we were waiting for our food. Thank goodness it's a low key place and not too many people took notice of Rex climbing all over the table. Kris and the kids split a Big Jud (a one pound burger that is huge!) and they were actually able to eat the whole thing! They were pretty proud of themselves. Before we left we enjoyed eating ice cream cones on the bench outside and it was perfect.

After we got home the boys were anxious to move into their new bedroom. Since Aunt Michelle and Uncle Dan decided to move into our two bedroom apartment, the boys are moving into their old bedroom and we are going to use the other room as a game/play room. We have a pool/ping pong table that Kris' parents gave us for Christmas and we haven't had anywhere to put it until now. Now Gracie will have her own room and Rex moved into the boys' old room and we will put the baby in with him. It's nice to feel like we have a little more breathing room. In the process of moving the boys downstairs we had a little fun mattress surfing (a little reminiscent of The Princess Diaries), even I got in on the action (I'm not sure the doctor would approve) and the kids were sad that it had to come to an end.

The next day was Fathers' Day and we had a nice relaxing day. I cooked Kris breakfast, we went to church (even got there on time), he cooked dinner in the dutch oven, the kids had fun making him go on a treasure hunt and we just generally enjoyed the beautiful weather and family. We are so grateful to have a wonderful husband and father who works so hard to take care of us. Even if he does change his facial hair every other week. :-) I am so thankful that he feels it is important to have me stay at home with the kids, this is a great blessing and I know I don't always show the love and appreciation that I have for him because of this. The kids love and adore him and think he is really funny. They are so blessed to have their dad. I hope he realizes just how important and loved he is!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moody Musing

Well, it's been a really long time since I posted, (I wrote this before Rex's birthday post) I've been meaning to, I really have and I tried several times to log in and I think that the problem was that I was missing one letter on my password and it hit me like two weeks later, duh! Oh well, anyway, I really do hope to make this a regular thing but I really can't make any promises what with ALL my children home ALL day for the next few months and then a new baby coming right after the older two start back to school. Soooo, we'll just play it by ear and see if my sanity remains intact. So far not so good, I must admit. Maybe it's the weather- it snowed on Wednesday, yes that would be June 11th and I don't think it's gotten above 65 for the past few weeks. We are lookin' at some 70s here in the next few days and I'll be praying that they last but I won't keep my fingers crossed. I am seriously thinking about high tailing it out of this place (again) :-) It's pretty pathetic when you have to go to your summer swimming lessons bundled up in jackets :-( (I thought I could put those away for the summer, better not it may snow on the 4th of July) Yes, it definitely could be the weather affecting my mood. Or it just could be the fact that I'm nearly seven months along and my horomones are probably all wacky and I had sort of forgotten how hard life could be chasing after four kids all day long. How do those homeschooling mothers do it? Oh well, this is my life and it is mostly good, I have four wonderful children and a wonderful, extremely patient and thoughtful (he made dinner tonight without me even asking) husband, who puts up with my strange mood swings and loves me in spite of it all. Yes, my life is if we could just not have any more snow for the next six months...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rex Turns Two!

It was Rex's birthday on June 7th and here he is enjoying his birthday donuts (he went for mom's favorite, the Boston cream). This is a tradition I enjoyed growing up, we would always have donuts for breakfast whenever somebody had a birthday. I must say I love that Kris is carrying on this tradition. He is always the one who gets up early to go get the donuts. I don't think he knows how much I love it and appreciate it. I am big on traditions and this one brings back a lot of fond memories and is creating a lot of great new ones.

Mmmm, this is good. Here he is enjoying licking the bowl after helping me make his birthday cake. He always wants to help in the kitchen now, much to Owen's dismay, I think. But all of the kids enjoyed helping to decorate the cake, which is why our puppy cake has soooo many spots! (Rex added the colorful spots:-)

Uncle Dan and Aunt Michelle came up for the little party. Rex LOVES Aunt "Chelle" and is especially excited to go to nursery these days, since they are some of his teachers. He was a little unsure about opening his presents but he quickly got into it and had fun tearing into the paper and then playing with all his new toys (that is, when he could get them out of the hands of his older siblings). All in all it was a great two year old birthday!