Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Budding Photog

Colby loves to get ahold of the camera and take pictures. I think some of them are actually pretty good. Of course this drives Kris up a wall crazy, a three year old running amuck with the camera. But sometimes I just can't wait to see what turns up on the memory card. 

Here's a view of his portfolio:

And just in case ya missed it (ahem Mom) be sure and look below at Leelee's blessing post. She's such a sweet little angel. We kinda like her (alot).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Beautiful day, beautiful baby, beautiful blessing.
Yep, that about sums it up.

 Pops and Grannie
 Aunt Hayley and Uncle EJ
The Bunch
Christmas photo? Perhaps.
Big Bro. Matthew being silly.
Beautiful Sisters
Big Bro. Owen
Big Bro. Rex
Big Bro. Colby
Dang, this girl is going to have some serious protection!
Beautiful Leelee
She's wearing a bracelet made by Aunt Michelle, glad we had a piece of her with us.
She loved the crinkly texture of the bow on her dress and it was so easy grab and suck on, which she's doing a lot of these days.
We are so blessed to have this sweet, special little girl in our family!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It Was Jared Leto

Maybe Kris and I were showing our age with this one since he was really big about 15-20 years ago when he was on "My So Called Life" (Was that show really on for just two seasons? It was so good! And am I really THAT old! Yikes!)
Good job Tara! And I actually thought Adam Lambert was a pretty good guess.
Read the post below if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween

Here's the post where I detail our Halloween weekend complete with copious amounts of photos for your viewing pleasure. Or displeasure. Or whatever.

Friday night we let the carving begin. May have been a day or two early as the pumpkins almost did not make it until Halloween.


It's a shocker but I actually partook in the carving this year. Luckily, Kris scraped all the guts out for me.

Oh no! Hayley's pumpkin is eating Rex' arm!

Aunt Hayley and Uncle EJ joined us for the fun. Here's everyone standing behind their respective jack-o-lanterns.

Sunday night we had a little cousin party.
Kindra provided the sugar cookies, which in turn provided tons of fun and sprinkles.

Even cousin Steph partook of the fun (and sprinkles)!

Sugar cookie bliss for Rex

Big kid ghost game of some sort that Gracie was in charge of.

Then the little cousins played Pin the Face On the Jack-O-Lantern. Now, I'm a minimal effort kind of gal so the concept and design were very simple but it did provide a generous amount of entertainment for me and Kindra.
Noah's face

Rex' face
Walter's face, he decided to leave the blindfold on.
Ren's face
Matthew's cookie
Gracie and Macie
Nick and Owen
That's my girl!

Pumpkin bowling was a bit of a bust (the small pumpkin got smashed before we could even play the game but it's all good, the big pumpkin was a least good for a rest).
We also played flashlight tag and had a touchy feely room with such creepy offerings as brains, eyeballs, mummy ears, ghost slime and monkey hearts, ewww!
It wasn't a fancy party but I think everyone had a great time!

Halloween night we went to the ward trunk or treat and played carnival games, jumped in the bouncy castles and trick-or-treated. Fun was had by all. We love Halloween in AZ since it's not so cold you have to wear a jacket!
My girls- a masquerade ball attendee and a pirate princess (or something like that, since I'm such a slacker and didn't even plan a costume for Leelee)
Owen was a dancing skeleton
Colby the Pirate and Darth Rex
(I just have to add that the next day Colby asked me to put on his mustache before we went out and was a little upset that I wouldn't do it.)
The sweetest treat of the night.
I'm a little bummed at how dark this picture is and apparently the editing I did didn't stick.
Matthew came home and carved his pumpkin at the end of the night since he missed our carving party due to a scout camp out.
At the end of the night after Owen had showered he still had a bit of makeup around his eyes and Kris and I thought he looked like a certain celebrity, any guesses?