Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Call Him Slim Shady

Colby's added a new accessory to his wardrobe.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Really Long Late Easter Post With Lots of Pictures

I love to dye Easter eggs and as much as my husband hates it, it's one tradition I cannot let go. You've just gotta have hard-boiled, colored eggs to eat on Sunday. This year was kind of a last minute, thrown together, chaotic, messy ordeal but craziness be danged we did it! (And actually Kris did most of the work, boiled the eggs, got all the dyes ready, etc.)

They had to eat all the broken ones...
On Easter morning the kids wake up and find their hidden baskets. Matthew's took the longest to find. Appropriately, the hardest to find since he is the oldest, if you ask me.

The after church boiled Easter egg hunt:

Matthew was feeling a little too old for this stuff. Sniff, sniff. I knew it was coming...
It's so hard to get a good picture of everyone these days...and I missed getting one of them in their church clothes.
Then we had family dinner with cousins over. We were lucky to have Neils and Tara and Wes in town. We missed Michelle and Britny. The cousin picture was a bit of a joke, this was the best we could do...(all five of my kids were present, however!)
Then to finish off the night we had a great big, huge, plastic, candy-filled, cousin Easter egg hunt in the back yard. With probably hundreds of eggs. The kids all had a ton of fun.
It was a beautiful Easter, I was happy to be able to spend it with lots of family and I loved getting to go to the Easter pageant earlier in the week. I also got to teach the Easter lesson in our primary class.

Phew, was I tired by the end of the week!