Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Preschool Graduate

On May 24th, Rex graduated from preschool.  He's been going to my sis-in-law's Montessori preschool and it was such a great experience for him.  I know he's ready for kindergarten.  The graduation ceremony was so cute program and the children all looked super adorable in their caps and gowns. 
As you can see, Rex was pretty excited to graduate!
 Rex and Miss Kindra

Monday, June 20, 2011

More End of the Year Stuff

For moms the end of the school year is crazy and the more kids you have the worse it gets.  Projects, concerts, reports, field trips, school activites, awards ceremonies, graduations and a larger influx of crap coming home from school. Seriously, I just wish the teachers would throw half of that stuff away rather than leaving it for me to deal with.  Do I really want the last 10 pages of whatever workbook? No, I do not, but they send it home and I suffer guilt about throwing it away rather than having my child finish it up or play school with it or whatever.  I just wish I didn't even have to see it.  Anyway, on we go...

Matthew's castle project
 Gracie's peregrine falcon report.  They had to do written and oral parts.  I think she knows everything a person could ever want to know about that bird.
 Owen received the Falcon Citizenship Award.  They selected two people from each class who exhibited excellent qualities.  We were so proud of him for earning this.  He was surprised to see me and the boys in the gym at the assembly because he had no idea so it was pretty fun to see his face.

 I think these two felt a little neglected the last few weeks of school and they wanted me to take their pic in the Walmart arcade.

Friday, June 17, 2011

End of the Year Concerts

I've got some super mega catching up to do as far as blogging goes so there may be several posts from me in the next little while, hopefully I can get all caught up before the baby comes.  Let's start off with the end of the year concerts.
Gracie had her last orchestra concert on May 12th. She did a great job and had a lot of fun being in the orchestra this year. She's not sure if she wants to continue playing the violin or join the band next year and play the flute or something since she will have that opportunity as a 5th grader.  But, playing in the orchestra has been a great experience for her.

The following week Matthew had his end of the year band concert.  He received the Student of the Month Award for the month of May and a special award for being one of only two people to play two instruments in the band, he plays the bass clarinet and the soprano clarinet.  Way to go Matthew!

I'm so stinkin' mad at Blogger because I've been trying to upload another video of Matthew's and I've tried about a billion times and it's just not working.  This one is of him playing the bass clarinet and the quality is not great.  The other one shows him playing the school song on the soprano clarinet and Kris actually got up and shot the video from a much better spot.  Oh well, maybe check back later and see if I got the other video loaded.
I'm glad that my kids are enjoying being in these music programs, hopefully they will continue to for a long time!