Friday, February 24, 2012

Start Your Engines

I enjoyed my little break from Cub Scouts since Matthew turned 11 but now we are right back in the thick of things with Owen.  Pack meeting, Blue and Gold Banquets, den meetings, uniforms and the piece de risistance- The Pinewood Derby.  It's official now- we're in full cub scout mode. Colby is in full longing and admiration of turning eight and becoming a cub scout. The other day we were out and an old lady asked Colby how old he was and he told her he was eight. I told her that he was three and he piped up and said when I'm eight I'm gonna get baptized. She smiled and told him that was good. I just had to laugh at his excitement over the whole thing, anything that gets Colby excited to stay on the straight and narrow is a good thing :). Then, a couple of days ago I caught him intently looking through Owen's scout book at all the fun activites and achievements and I'm pretty sure he won't be able to wait 4 1/2 years for this.

I must say this derby was actually the best one we've been to. It was so well organized and smooth running.  Everything was computerized and projected onto a big screen so you could see what was going on at all times. The current heat, the upcoming heat, the times for the most recently completed heat. It was pretty amazing. Owen's car didn't do spectacularly, I'm pretty sure his car never came in first, but he did have several second place finishes. I'm just glad he didn't come in last every time.  Everyone had a good time and it was over fairly quickly, and thankfully there were no tears. I might just start to like this cub scout thing after all, but let's not get carried away with ourselves... I've got a good 7 or 8 years straight of this stuff, woohoo!
 Owen selected the design of his car and he and Kris had a good time cutting, sanding, painting and all that stuff.  I'm so stinking glad I have a husband to take care of all this stuff!
Afterwards we tried out the new Dunkin Donuts by my mom's.  It wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, but like I need to be eating more donuts anyway.
Then we went to the park and let the kids play to their hearts content because it was basically the most beautifully perfect day. Ever.
 And because I just can't get enough of this little girl I think you probably can't either. I'm just so lucky because I get to nibble and kiss on those cheeks all day long.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Brothers

like to torture sometimes.

Monday, February 6, 2012


are nice to have around sometimes.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Eat Me

Leelee is six months old (almost six and a half by now, yikes!) and so I begrudgingly had to start her on solids. I'm trying to keep her my little baby for as long as possible and luckily, she's complying with my little plan. I knew the doctor was going to ask me at her six month check up if I had started her on solids and I wanted to at least be able to say that I had. So on January 18th I finally decided to break out the rice cereal. 
She was all smiles before we started.

My trusty helper. Pretty much everywhere we go someone asks Colby if he is a good big brother so he takes this responsibility seriously. (And yeah I totally color coordinated the whole ordeal... um no, I so did not.)

"What is this crap Woman?!"

Let the gagging begin.
 "I think I'll just sit here with my mouth open and let the spit collect and not swallow until everything just slides out of my mouth."

 Colby took this pic for me, it was the best one.
 And then we made cookies, because cookies make everything better.
And the drama continues because she still does not like to eat solids, she does the same gagging/holding/drooling with applesauce too. I'm just not sure what to do at this point. Just wait a week or so and try again? Who knows? I've never had a baby resist this much, she just really only wants to nurse. I guess I waited too long to start and now she's exercising a little control. So she's refusing to grow up just like I wanted her too. :)