Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Grannie!

Happy, happy birthday from all of us to you!
We wish it was our birthday, so we could party too! Hey!
And many more on channel four....
and Scoobie Doo on channel two...
Grannie we sure do love you!

I know this picture is blurry but we had some great memories in Casper!
We had a wonderful experience visiting Martin's Cove with you.

Yellowstone memories

Disney fun!

Riding Dumbo with Gracie

Building sand castles

Colby's blessing

Yellowstone in October, brrrrr

Words cannot express the love in my heart for you.

You truly are the most wonderful mother and grandmother.

Your influence has been spread far and wide.

I am proud to call you my mother.

May you have a wonderful birthday full of family, friends, and hope.

We love you!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seven is a lucky number!

Colby is 7 months old today!!! We are on the downside to the big o-n-e, gasp! His big accomplishment for the month was getting up on all fours. He's done it several times but hasn't taken any little crawls yet, but he works so hard to get up on his hands and knees. I am feeling crawling coming on next month. Keep trying kiddo! This month is gonna be great!

We love our sweet little Colbster man!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is Here?!?

(This is a picture of our backyard today!)

Dear Old Man Winter,

Didn't you get the memo? It was the first day of spring last Friday. Can you please not send anymore snow our way this year? At least not until December, and then it might be nice to have some in time for Christmas. Just when we thought the snow was gone for good...I guess this is all my fault since I put away all the snow pants and boots on Monday. I think you must be trying to teach me a lesson about who's in charge. Anyway, we hope you have a nice spring and summer (please leave us alone ALL summer, we don't want it to snow during swimming lessons again this year) and we'll see you in nine months!


The Grovers'
P.S. I guess for now we will just enjoy some grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup one more time!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ode To Matthew

Ode To Matthew

Monopoly lover
Always has lots to say
Takes good care of Cookie the cat
Taking on tennis
Has super excellent aiming skills
Enjoys math
Wakes up happy

Plays lots of games
Rides his bike
Earned his Bear
Sleeps on the top bunk
Takes after his father
Over the moon for mom's chocolate chip cookies
Needs lots of tickling

Great big brother
Reads tons of books
Our gift from God
Video game lover
Eats lots of Cheezits
Really great son!
Happy 10th Birthday Matthew! We love you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Nice Long Post For My Mother With Lots of Pictures

Dear Mom,

Today is the first day of spring! We are very excited for the warmer weather. Living here with lots of snow during the winter by the time spring rolls around it's like you can feel a charge in the air. Everyone is excited and anxious for the beautiful weather. You start to see bikes and strollers and joggers everywhere. You can hear children running and shouting and playing so excited to be out of the house and enjoying warm sunshine. I'm sure we could walk over to Porter Park and see tons of college kids laying on blankets and making out. We took advantage of the weather and walked to the Nature Park yesterday, well I walked with Rex and Colby in the stroller and the other kids rode their bikes. It felt so good to be out getting some fresh air and a little exercise. I have quite a bit of extra insulation that helped keep me warm all winter to get rid of and now that shorts weather is almost here I better get cracking.

While we were walking there Gracie said, "Mom, do you remember when we came on that adventure with Grannie and Pops? We came to the Nature Park and played on the island, we were the Island Kids. It was so much fun!" I thought it was so cute that she was thinking about that time. Then later when we were watching the ducks Matthew said, "See that island over there Mom, that's the one we went to with Grannie and Pops." He hadn't even heard my earlier conversation with Gracie. Then Owen was talking about how much fun you guys all had out there. I was happy that they were having so much fun reminiscing about your adventure.
I took lots of pictures so I could share them with you.

Of course the kids all found some sticks to play with.

Gracie still has her walking stick that she made with Dad.

I tripped over it in the family room the other day.

Rex said, "Look Mom, I found a STICK!"

like it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen.

Owen saw these ducks and said, "Look at those ducks they're

getting married!" (The boy being in a black "tux" and the girl all in white.)

Colby sat happily and watched everything from the stroller.

On Monday night we went out to LeeAnne's and played on the Wii. The kids love it. Bowling is especially fun. I was thinking that you would probably like it because you love to go bowling, and since you're not supposed to go anymore it is almost as fun as the real thing. I can see some really fun wii bowling parties in our future!

Tuesday, of course, was St. Patrick's Day and I'm sure you saw the post about that. The kids had so much fun that day. For lunch the boys wanted something green so we turned their ramen noodles green. I let them each put a drop of food coloring in and Rex got a little carried away and shot a long stream of green into them, as you can see in the picture they were pretty green.

Looks like we did catch our own cute little leprechaun after all!

This morning we enjoyed Matthew's birthday donuts (a day early) since apparently the grocery store does not make fresh donuts on the weekends. Lame, huh! But that's ok because Matthew is mostly celebrating his birthday today anyway. Tonight he is going on a special boys' night out with his dad. Bowling and dinner, fun!

Even Colby got in on the donut action.

It would seem that Rex snuck a donut into the family room and
left it on the floor and Colby found it. Sticky, gooey, smushy fun!

Last night we went out Grandma and Grandpa Walz' to pick up this beautiful dresser and nightstand that LeeAnne gave to us. We had to wait until the snow melted enough to be able to get into the driveway. These belonged to Grandma Walz when she was a teenager. Aren't they beautiful and I love that they have a history with my family. I'm so excited, when I saw the dresser I was like "that's mine!" LeeAnne had just asked us if we wanted a dresser and I said sure thinking we would just use it for one of the kids, until I saw it...not to mention the fact that it's about twice the size of my current dresser. Yay for me!

My lovely little Sexy Rexy model!

We also got this desk from LeeAnne, the kids were all fighting over who

gets to do their homework on it. The verdict...we're sharing it, of course!

Rex found this hat in Colby's drawer, put it on and came running into me saying, "look, it fits me!" He was so excited. I'm afraid he's still experiencing some growing pains at not being the youngest anymore. Luckily, he's figured out how to make Colby laugh so now he's more interested in doing funny things for him instead of poking or pinching him.

Today at school they had dress up as your favorite book character so Gracie dressed up as Tinkerbell. Not exactly her favorite character but she really likes fairy books and she HAD to dress up, you know...

Our busy week does not end here as tomorrow we will be spending the day going to Nathan's wedding festivities. Then on Sunday Kris and I both have to teach our classes then Kris has to speak in sacrament meeting and I get to give the opening prayer. After church we will have Matthew's birthday dinner with cake and ice cream with Hayley, Dan and Michelle. It should be a nice weekend but I think we will be exhausted by Monday.

I am so looking forward to seeing you in just a short little while. I hear you've been having a really good day, that's such great news. Hopefully, you won't have to get that feeding tube put back in and soon you can be eating some real food! Although, Colby has really started to enjoy HIS baby food!!!

Hang in there, keep working hard with your therapists. We love you SOOOOOOO much!


Eliza and the gang

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Thank goodness for thick winter clothing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 'O The Mornin' To Ya!

The traps were set...

Leprechauns love to break rules,
you know...

Alas, we did not catch one...
but it looks like one visited and took
some gold and turned the milk green!!!

And green pancakes were in order!

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Guess Who?!?

Anyone who has school age children probably know that a certain beloved children's author celebrated his birthday this week. And the powers that be at my children's school thought it would be a good idea to have a dress up as a character from one of his books day at school. Of course you probably guessed that I'm referring to Dr. Suess and of course Katie Grace waited until bedtime the night before to remind me of this grand event. She said she wanted to dress up as the Grinch. I had to stifle the laugh. I'm thinking how on earth would we do that? Right, I'll just pull that Grinch costume right out of my magic Cat In the Hat hat! I told her I would see what I could do and she looked at me with tears pleading for me to come up with a costume because of course, she would be the ONLY one not dressed up if I didn't. So, equipped with the guilt and stress I am too familiar with being a mom I set off in search of a Dr. Seuss costume. I pulled a few Dr. Seuss books off of the shelves and began flipping through the pages. Now, I love me a good Dr. Seuss book but you've seen his characters, right? Not exactly throw together the night before kind of costumes as the creatures in his books are somewhat bizarre! I quickly abandoned the books and set off to search the internet for pictures of Cindy Lou Who knowing she would probably be the most feasible given the amount of time. It must be said that the Cindy Lou Who from the book looks nothing like the Cindy Lou Who from the movie, but I didn't have a nightgown that I could cinch under her feet. The next morning Pessimistic KG woke up and said, "I bet you didn't get a costume, huh." I was pleased to tell her that I did come up with something and she was so excited. At first she thought I had a Grinch costume but she was more than OK with Cindy Lou Who, I'm sure just because she was so surprised that I took the time to come up with something, anything. Anyway, we did the best we could with the hair given I only had about 15 minutes to get it done before the carpool arrived. Who knew that you could just put a cup on top of your head and wrap your hair around it to achieve that lifted hair effect? Well, apparently everyone else at school who dressed up as Cindy Lou Who did, but oh well. There's always next year. At least KG was happy, she was beaming, in fact. That's when I took this picture, right after school (it looked better before school but I didn't have time to get a picture before she left). She even wanted to leave it in while we went to Walmart. I had to swallow my pride a little and pray that nobody would notice her seriously funky do. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


At six months old you are:

cute as a button

(Dad could not resist the hat, bummer it was too small,

but we all got a good laugh out of it)

A bonafied rocker in your carrier
kickin' like crazy to get it goin' fast

not too fond of baby food


Sittin' pretty, errr I mean handsome?

(although- don't you think he would make a pretty little girl?)