Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Happens When...

you leave Colby alone with a box of chocolate frosted donuts? 
He helps himself to a few, thank you very much.
 And he just likes to nibble the frosting off, cuz that waxy goodness is the best part, right?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Somebody had a birthday

We celebrated Colby's 3rd birthday at the end of August. He was super excited for his birthday donuts, even more excited for those than for his presents.
 We kept it a low key affair. When they're young and don't really know the difference I like to keep it easy and cheap. So we took the family swimming, it's one of Colby's favorite things to do so he was very happy. This happened to be Leelee's first trip to the pool.
 He got some birthday money in the mail from his grandparents in Idaho so he got to have a little shopping trip. It was hilarious. It hadn't started out as a trip to the store to spend his birthday money but we walked by these shoes at the end of an aisle and he was in love. "MOM, I WANT THESE!" And I was thinking, "No way!" (I'm generally not a fan of character shoes) plus they weren't even on sale. But then I remembered that he had his birthday money so I said, "well, if you really want them then you can buy them with your birthday money." He exclaimed, "I do want these. I REALLY do want these." So in the cart they went and thus began his shopping adventure.
 He wandered up and down the toy aisles looking and looking and when he found an item that he knew he wanted, in the basket it went. He was very picky and selected only items that he knew he would love. And if you know Colby you'll understand his next choice: a hat.

Here he is posing with all his loot: the shoes, the pirate hat, a bat and ball set, a giant bouncy ball, a Frisbee, and a Nerf rocket football. He was even funny when he had to choose between two items because he didn't have enough money left to buy both, he was very matter of fact and decisive. No tantrums, just a very satisfying shopping trip with a three year old. I'm still laughing about how grown up he was about the whole thing and how much fun he had getting to spend all of his money.
I have to say that this little boy challenges me to the very innermost core of my being. I was sorta hoping that once he turned three all the difficulties I have with him would just melt away and I would have this delightful little three year old. I love three year olds, it's such a fun age. Alas, it has not exactly turned out that way. He knows how to push buttons I didn't even know I had and I have come to the determination that he is the child that will teach me patience far greater than all the others. BUT, I love him fiercely and our family wouldn't be the same without him. He definitely livens this place up! He's already looking forward to his next birthday and talks about this birthday as if it were yesterday. He tells people "my birthday was 'last day' " (meaning yesterday). I tried to explain to him about Christmas and I think he's starting to get excited for that.
We love you Colby!