Thursday, March 14, 2013

July and Beginning of August Recap

I had a birthday. It was on Friday the 13th so Gracie set up this little display for me: a black cat, an opened umbrella and a broken mirror. The cover of her card read "It's unlucky..." and the inside said "that we don't get any presents on your birthday." She kills me.
Kris made my favorite cake that I only eat once a year.
Then we had Leelee's birthday, I blogged a little bit about it a while ago but found a couple pics on the camera.

Opening presents with a crowd of kids is always a good time.

Brothers (and a cousin) 

Then it was Super Grover's birthday. 
(I'm obviously still having some issues with rotating pictures.)
 We love this guy!
We went to the park in July. I mean this is seriously blog worthy, don't you think?
Vaughn and Kindra hosted the First Bi-Annual Wright Family Olympics.
 On your mark
get set 
Balance beam stud
Awards Ceremony
 It was a great time!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Day!

Well hallelujah! I can post! I've been wanting to blog for ages but had some issues with Picasa hijacking my photos and not allowing me to upload anything without paying money and that just ticked me off, but maybe now I can get back to blogging. There's so much to catch up on...