Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Epic Idaho Adventure- Take 4

Fun on the Fourth of July
It's no secret that I love being in Rexburg on the Fourth of July so I was elated that we were able to be there this year. I love the small town atmosphere, the cooler weather (that was debatable this year) and being able to have our own fireworks.

We love going to the parade.
It was Leelee's first time. Her first Fourth actually.
After the parade and sitting in traffic for an eternity we finally made it to Porter Park about a mile away. Haha, so much for that small town atmosphere. I thought these two boys carrying this chair together was so cute, I didn't even ask them to do it.
We met up with Michelle and Dan and his family for some fried chicken ( a 4th must in our book) and good company. He's got such a great family!
Michelle doesn't normally dress like a gangsta, but she was in the parade (unfortunately I didn't get a good pic) and hence the sweet get up.
We took a spin on the merry-go-round. I never let the kids ride merry-go-rounds here cuz they are all like $3 a person. Say what?! Yeah, times that by 6 = no go my poor, poor children. They were pretty excited to get to ride a few times while we were there.
Gracie better never be too big to ride!
Then they played at the splash park. The water was a little on the chilly side for my wimpy Arizona kids, but they still had a good time!
Then we went and got a supply of fireworks for a little show in the backyard. We always love getting smoke bombs, snakes, tanks, ground flowers, etc. It's fun for everyone. We got to enjoy one amazingly beautiful sunset while we were lighting our stash.
It was just a perfect end to a perfect day and made us that much more grateful to live in this beautiful land. We love America!


Michelle said...

I loved this day! Even though I was not feeling very well. Sorry you guys got stuck in all that traffic, it was worth it right? The firework show was amazing for all sorts of reasons. I almost wish we hadn't even driven to try and make the city fireworks because we already had the perfect end to the night.

Tara said...

Looks like a perfect fourth! Really it does! Now you'll have to make it a tradition to go to Idaho for every fouth! It's so much more enjoyable in cooler weather! Man, good to know they still make all those fireworks, we will have to do those next year with the girls.

Aliece said...

Hmmm... Wright family reunion in Rexburg for the fourth? Could they handle all of us?

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